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Are you looking for a highly skilled cosmetic plastic surgeon to perform a nose job in Cuenca? Dr. Deniss Calderon is a rhinoplasty expert with extensive experience and surgical skill. With an exceptional dedication to patient satisfaction, Dr. Calderon strives to achieve natural and harmonious results, taking into account your individual needs. With a focus on safety and aesthetics, Dr. Calderon uses advanced and modern techniques to provide a personalized and high quality rhinoplasty.

Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty

It is important to know that ultrasonic rhinoplasty is a surgical intervention to correct deformities of the nose both aesthetic and functional.
Using Piezoelectric technology, Dr. Deniss Calderon in the city of Cuenca guarantees maximum safety and quality in their operations reducing recovery time and postoperative inflammation.


Advantages of Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty


Corrige problemas funcionales y estéticos.


Gives better definition especially in patients with thick skin.


Allows to correct alignment problems of the nasal thirds.


It works as a reconstruction technique.


Less post-surgical swelling and bruising.


Faster recovery.


What should I do before my operation?

It is important to be fully prepared for the procedure and the post-operative period. Here are some things you should do before your surgery:


  1. Sinus CT scan with 3D reconstruction.
  2. Blood tests.
  3. Electrocardiogram.
  4. COVID exam (if you have symptoms such as sore throat, nasal congestion and thermal rise)Using Piezoelectric technology, Dr. Deniss Calderon in the city of Cuenca guarantees maximum safety and quality in their operations decreasing recovery time and postoperative inflammation.

How much will a nose job cost? What does it include?

A nose job ranges from $1000 for a simple procedure that takes one hour to $7500 for a more complicated one, that is, a procedure lasting 6 or more hours.
The cost of your surgery includes:

  1. Hospitalization.
  2. Operating room.
  3. General anesthesia.
  4. Medications used in the clinic.
  5. Principal surgeon fees.
  6. Assistant surgeon fees.
  7. Anesthesiologist fees.
  8. Instrumentalist fees.
  9. Equipment to perform the surgery (micromotor ultrasound).
  10. Pre-surgery session for photographs to help us in the facial aesthetic analysis.
  11. Post surgical controls at the 3rd, between the 8th and 15th day, month, two months and at the 6th month after surgery.

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When an ultronic rhinopasty is performed by a top expert such as Dr. Deniss Calderon, the following cases result, along with their before and after.