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Rhinoplasty results

In the pursuit of exceptional rhinoplasty results, Dr. Deniss Calderon stands out as a highly skilled and experienced facial aesthetic surgeon.

With a focus on aesthetic harmony and nasal functionality, Dr. Calderon has transformed the lives of numerous patients, providing them with beautiful and functional noses.

Advanced and customized techniques are used in every rhinoplasty procedure.

If you want a balanced facial appearance and increased self-confidence, let us help you!

Our team will walk you through the entire process, providing support and care as you make the transition to your desired appearance.

Female functional and aesthetic surgery

Cirugía funcional y estética femenina, se evidencia mejoría en su perfil, así como una adecuada definición y proyección de la punta nasal.

Utilizando la tecnología Piezoeléctrica, el Dr. Deniss Calderón en la ciudad de Cuenca garantiza la máxima seguridad y calidad en sus operaciones disminuyendo el tiempo de recuperación e inflamación posoperatoria.

Adolescent functional and cosmetic surgery

Functional and aesthetic surgery in an adolescent patient, improvement in her profile is evidenced, as well as an adequate definition, projection and rotation of the nasal tip.

Patient with previous surgery

Rhinoplasty in a patient who had undergone a previous surgery, a reconstruction was performed to improve the functional and aesthetic nasal part of the nose, there is evidence of improvement in her profile, correction of her laterorrhine, adequate definition, projection and rotation of the nasal tip.

Nose reconstruction

Surgery in which a reconstruction of the nose is performed, following the theory of polygons, giving an adequate projection and definition of the nasal tip. Achieving natural results.

Before and after

Different outcomes of patients before and after nasal surgery are evidenced.

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When an ultronic rhinopasty is performed by a top expert such as Dr. Deniss Calderon, the following cases result, along with their before and after.